Kimono Clip Kimono Furisode

Kimono Clip Kimono Furisode

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Kimono Clip Kimono Furisode

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Collar clip is a kimono accessory that holds kimono or obi temporarily when putting on the kimono or obi.


Set of 2: Large clip x1, small clip x 1

【Recommendation by Wasoukan】

All Wasoukan staff is using this!

It is used for holding the kimono or obi before putting on the waistband.

It is damage-free to the fabric of kimono or obi. The large clip comes with a ring to avoid forgetting to remove it at the end of putting up the kimono or obi.


Body: Aluminum

Spring: Stainless steel

Rubber: Synthetic rubber

※The color may look slightly different from the actual product depending on your monitor environment.