Online customer service

Use our online customer service through Zoom to check the color and texture of products, as well as get more product information from us directly at the comfort from the comfort of your home

  • I want to know more about the product in a video rather than a still photo.
  • I could not imagine how the kimono will look like on me.
  • I would like to consult about how to coordinate the product with the accessories I have.

Ask us, we will answer it all to your full satisfaction.


Available dates and languages

・Japan time 11:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)  

・Japanese, English, Chinese

Application made from this page is a tentative reservation.

Confirmation of appointment shall be made later by email or phone contact.

Please note that your desired date or time may not be available due to schedule availability, etc.


How to Use

1. Appointment Request <Tentative Appointment>

Please fill in the required information, as well as the details of inquiry and your preferred appointment date.

2. Confirmation of Appointment <Booking>

We will contact you by email or phone to schedule an appointment. Provide us multiple dates of your preference to help us escalate your appointment scheduling.

3.Connect with us online

We are ready to serve you through Zoom on the scheduled date and time.